Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dream and Vision

Both words have just about similar meaning. I am sure many people have had dreams, dream visions, and visions, throughout your life time. Many people do not understand the difference between these and how important it is to keep a journal.

Let's start with defining what these terms mean. Dreams are what we all have when we are sleeping whether we remember them or not. Dream Visions are forms of dreams that can be received at night or day time. These visions usually are shown like a movie or moving picture and give you all the information. This information can be warnings of things about to happen to you or others, good visions about a pending job, or sale of something. Dream Visions are more accurate due to the mind being at rest and the subconscious mind is more open to receive these messages. And Visions can occur at any time or any where. Sometimes they can be like a movie where you get all the information, but many times they are like a puzzle with bits and pieces of information coming to you. Visions that come to you in the day time have much more difficulty reaching you do to the amount of normal activities and blockages that occur.

Many people do not realize that once they begin to understand and study their dream visions, dreams and visions, that they have psychic connection behind them. We all have these gifts given to us. As we develop them, study them and learn their meaning they can help us in dealing with our everyday life. They can warn us of an upcoming health problem, car accident, job problem and much more.


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